Tapes, Cords & Braids


Tape (Box) Loom:

16th century Tape (Box) Loom. ‘Le Travail de la Laine’ tapestry (Louvre, Paris).

Book: Tape Looms: Past & Present Bonnie R. Weidert Available direct from the author

Illustrations here.

Instructions and patterns here. (Link corrected)

More Instructions here.

Swedish Band-weaving Yahoo Group here, translations available according to front page.

Backstrap Loom:

Back-strap illustrations and instructions here.

*N.B. Table top Inkle looms are not period being a 19/20th C invention.*



Girl whipcording. Detail from ‘Education of the Virgin’, Guido Reni, 1642.

Whipcording is a very old technique. Instructions here from a Viking site.


Loop- Manipulated, or Finger-loop, Braiding:

Fingerlooping. Fresco of the Virgin and Child, possibly from the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

Basic instructions here and here.

Chart – “Braids by Source Manuscript” An extensive list of loop-manipulated braids from three manuscripts (15th – 17th C), showing equivalents and linking to instructions. An incredible resource for anyone interested in period braids.

From the same website: Braids by Family Grouping.

A Facsimile and Transcription of the Braiding section of ‘Nature Unbowelled’ (1655)

A Transcription of the Lady Bindloss Braid Manuscript (prior to 1660)

Lucets and Trollen Wheels:

I am currently investigating the historical accuracy of both lucets and trollen wheels. If anyone has primary sources for their use during the first half of the 17th century I will be most grateful if you will contact me or post in the comments below. Many thanks!

Latest info: The non-existence of trollen wheels in the early 17th century discussed here and summed up here.

The likely non-use of the lucet in the early 17th century discussed here.

Still no further information as of November 2012, the search goes on.

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