Sewing – Notions


Lucy the Tudor: Hooks and Eyes, Aiglets, etc.

6of1: Hand made 1″ sewing pins.

JJ Needles: Plain steel sewing needles, no coloured eye. Also available in bulk.

The Quartermasterie*: The best brass needles I’ve used. Natural dyed linen tape and other notions.

Claire’s Lace: Linen thread for sewing and lace-making. Wide range of lace making equipment.

Historical Management Associates: Plain linen Tape and other notions.

Authentic Pewter Buttons: Nick Jones. Also available on eBay

Krusty’s Emporium*: At an ECWS campsite near you, look for the orange gazebo.

And finally:

Wiggle: Not for the LH display; for your hands after sewing all that linen! Udderly Smooth hand cream, highly recommended. ‘Extra Care Cream’ is scentless.


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