Lace and Lacemaking


Eaton Socon Work house Records 1596

The payment of 1jd a weeke to
the woman the theacheth the pore
children to worck bone lace is by
the collectors to be paid for the
stock of the collection of the former
yere and the Teacher receiving of this
1jd to make good the waste
of lost under her hands in the worcking
of the lace. And every child
thus worcking shall weekly be paid
from the gayne of Mr. Bewly (Beverly) his stock
so much as they shall earn by their
worcking. And such pore as doe
not send their children being able
to worck shall receive no relief
from the collection:- it is meant
that the sayd teacher shall receive
so manie as conveniently she may teach
without denial of anie that shall be
appointed unto her by the collectors

The Lace Guild: The Origins of Lace

Pictures and Quotes about Bobbin Lace




The Freehand Lace Research Group: Early Bobbin Lace. Bibliography of modern and old books (some downloadable from the web) of early bobbin lace patterns.


Don’t forget the bodger on the LH site!

Claire’s Lace: Lace making supplies including linen thread and brass pins.

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