There is a wealth of talent in all re-enactment societies, from seamstresses to carpenters, basket makers to embroiderers. It is well worth approaching them first as many will make items for a reasonable fee (or swaps!).

Hardware and equipment Suppliers:

* No online shop but present at most large events and re-enactment markets.

Quartermasterie*: Crockery and Pottery

Trinity Court Potteries: Pottery and Crockery

Bohemia Beauty: Utterly beautiful glassware

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas: Pewter spoons

The English Cutler: (Todd’s Stuff) Cutlery, axes, wood and leather goods

Candles for all ages: Period candles, and some rush lights.

Foxblade Trading: Leather bottle, tankards and cups

H W Morgan and Sons: Wooden tent pegs, mallets, and accessories.

Wingham Wool Work: Traditional Style Wool Combs 4 pitch

Matuls: Mostly Medieval, but some nice items of wooden equipment and furniture suitable for ECW LH. If in doubt ask your LH advisor.

(Still under construction)


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