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Rather late in the day I have discovered that The Tudor Tailor make sewing patterns, some of which are suitable for early to mid 17th C. I haven’t used these so I do not know how good they are. However, for those who require patterns the following might be useful. Feedback welcome.

Tudor doublet, jerkin and Venetian hose The ‘skirt’ of the doublet can be replaced by tabs.

Tudor Bodies (corsets) Probably not for those new to sewing or corset making. Seek assistance as stays need to fit properly to be comfortable.

Tudor woman’s waistcoat This style is still current in the mid 1600s

Tudor kirtles & petticoats Sleeveless only (to be worn under a waistcoat or gown). Neckline will need to be rounded.

Tudor girl’s kirtles & petticoats Round the neck

Tudor boy’s doublet & hose No codpiece. The ‘skirt’ of the doublet can be replaced by tabs.