Clothing Gallery – Children

Children of all classes wore miniature versions of their parent’s clothing. Boys wore petticoats until the age of 5-7 years when they were ‘breeched’.

All the images displayed are British (as far as I know). Dutch genre paintings are not included as it is uncertain that the same style of clothing was worn there at this time (1620-1650).

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Lower Class/’Common’

Foot post, with two boys.

Family at dinner.

Middle Class / Urban

School room with teacher and pupils.


Caption says "Robert Lord Bruce afterwards Earl of Ailesbury & Elgin drawne at the age of 7 years. C. Johnson Pt". 1635. Click on picture to go to large image which better shows the exquisit detail on the doublet.

Mary, Princess Royal aged 10, and William son of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, on their wedding in 1641. Van Dyck.

Triple portrait of a lady, thought to be Elizabeth, wife of Sir William Pope (1596-1624), with her son and daughter. Poss. Gilbert Jackson c 1630. Click on picture for zoomable image.

Possibly Anne (b. 1630) and Susan (b. 1632) Courtenay. 1633. Click on picture to go to larger image.

Young unknown nobleman, studio or circle of Daniel Mytens. c 1630


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