Clothes, Hats, Shoes and Boots Suppliers

Period Clothing:

Buying ready made clothes from a trader is a minefield; not all are up to the required standard of accuracy for living history. If you cannot make your clothes yourself, or cannot find someone capable of making them to the required standard for you, consult someone knowledgeable within your regiment or society before making any purchases.

Period Hat Suppliers

Ian Dicker: Montero Maker. Well researched, hand stitched monteros. Email: ianfdicker at gmail dot com

Adrie van Gessel and Ruth Thomas: Period hat suppliers from Nijkerk, Netherlands. Hats can be seen on Facebook, or contact ruthaprilthomas at googlemail dot com .

Tom Norbury – Dealer in Hatts. Specialising in hats from different historical periods. Not online but attends Major LH trade fairs and events. Email: dealerinhatts at btinternet dot com (updated)

Dirty Billy’s Hats: US supplier of quality ‘beaver’ felt hats. (Occasionally attends British LH trade fairs)

Historical Caps: Hand crafted 100% wool hats and caps for re-enactors, film, stage and museums, specializing mainly in the  15th, 16th, 17th ,18th  and 19th Centuries

Period shoe and boot suppliers:

Sarah Juniper – Handsewn Boots and Shoes Hand stitched shoes and boots.

Andy Burke – Historical Shoemaker Hand made and factory made shoes and boots.

Kevin Garlick – Shoemaker in reproduction period shoes Hand or machine stitched shoes and boots.

Foxblade Trading – Re-enactment shoes and brogues Completely hand made footwear.

Re-enactment Shoes- Economically priced historic footwear from Foxblade Trading Part hand and part machine made. Check with your LH Organiser before ordering rubber soled shoes.


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  1. Please add Foxblade Trading and re-enactment shoes
    Thanks Tod

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