Welcome to the English Civil War – 17th Century Living History Resources website. I’m often asked where to source various items, so I have set up this website as a reference centre. It is an eclectic and personal mix of suppliers and references that I and other ECW reenactors have found useful.

Information is spread across various pages grouped into categories, see list in the side bar and at the top of the page.

This is an ongoing project; if you have any requests or suggestions please leave them in ‘comments’.

6 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Excellent site, some nice stuff here. Thanks for adding my blog to your list of resources. I’ve just added a piece about scarves, my first post in some months! Hopefully I can do some more soon.
    Ian aka The Vicar, aka The Goodwyfe

  2. Great site. I’ve added it to the links and resources sections on http://www.englishcivilwar.org .

  3. Elaine said:

    I Love the photo above, The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment showing how good they are at Llanacaich Fawr in 2010.

  4. thehistoryvault said:

    What a fantastic blog idea. Great resource for history junkies!

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